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Leading Teens Closer to Christ

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Fostering Your Relationship with Christ

Holy Trinity's Confirmation program is built on the fundamental understanding that our faith is as necessary as the air we breathe. The Confirmation program is adapted every year, in every group, to every individual in order to help each person foster a better relationship with Christ. Although learning about Christ is an essential aspect of the program, the focus is that every person know who Christ is to them. Our Confirmation program welcomes you to join us on our faith journey to better develop your relationship with God, the Father, Jesus the Son, and the incredible power of the Holy Spirit.


Making a Difference in Our Homes, Churches, and World

Every person's deepest longing is to belong and be loved. Christ calls each of us His own and with His sacrifice He shares just how much He loves each one of us. Jesus shows His disciples the importance of fellowship and discipleship in order to spread the Good News. Our Confirmation program is built around fellowship and discipleship in order to practice our faith more deeply. Every person is unique and brings something to the table. Holy Trinity's Confirmation program gives teenagers the chance to dive into our faith together.

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